Can I get your phone number?




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    My son placed his order over 2 weeks ago and has not received it!! This is unacceptable. 

    Name:  Joseph Felix

    Address:  138 Patrick Road

                    Tewksbury, MA 01876

                   Cell:  978-798-4037


    If I do not receive an email or and update on my order by close of business tomorrow, I will be contacting the better business bureau and putting my own video of the service I have received on Facebook and UTUBE.  This is my 3rd request for information on my order. I have been in "Customer Que" for over a week.  Please email my update to immediately.


    Melissa Felix


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    Jacob Hiller

    Melissa and Joe... the only ticket we have from you is from 3 hours ago... If you ordered online the download is presented immediately, AND sent to your email (check spam).

    However, if you need a new download or password it will be given to your ticket very soon... (it was submitted by you 3 hours ago).

    Thanks and sorry for any confusion.

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    Jacob Hiller

    Again.. this is the only ticket we have from you (see below)...  Every ticket is answered in under 12 hours, and usually much quicker.

    Joe Mar-18  about 3 hours ago

    New ticket #2010


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    Francisco Rodriguez

    i got a couple of questions ,where are the actual workouts that will help you once you read the manual, and i enter the username and password but it doesn;t let me get to the next chapter in the manual please help

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    Any questions will be answered by clicking "Ask Us" and opening a ticket.

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    Michael Ajay

    please,I did not receive my download and i need it very urgently or atleast five me a refund

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    Have you opened a ticket in the support desk? This is just a forum; to get a personal answer  you need to open a ticket.

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