Do I need a weight room? / What equipment do I need? / What kind of exercises are involved?




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    Adam Joseph White

    Hey i am seriously considering purchasing the jump manual in the next week or so, annd i would like to now exactly how many inches i gain in the 12 weeks without weights and also i do have a set of 20 lb. dumbells, would that be enough to provide for the resistance training?


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    Jacob Hiller

    We have non weight alternatives for everything, but you can do a lot with those dumbbells as well.

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    Davis Tate Dardaaman

    Will I get thesame gains to my vert without a weight room compared to somebody who uses one?

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    Haris Hambasic

    Hi, i'm a little confused with the workout chart that is in the Jump Manual itself. For all of the workouts listed under day 1, day 2, etc., do I do them all or do I just do 1 of them. How does it work??? Also, I don't have a weight room so how do I find the body weight exercises?

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