Will this program work for older individuals?




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    link appears to not work. 

    Am wondering about this program's likely effectiveness for me.

    Have been doing strength training and have started to do contrast training.  

    max lifts are around: Deadlift 400+, back squat ~300. 

    at 5 10 /195 and a standing touch of 7 ft 7,  could touch 10-8 at my highest in my early 30s.  Bodyfat is 10-12% so that's on point.

    Am 48 and still playing 2s volleyball competitively.  Am at a most of 9 ft10 now even after a smolov squat cycle that got me to that 300lb squat, and 70 pounds more on mr. dead in two years. 

    the only reason I got intrigued is your "one best exercise"  has a level of focus and precision in it's execution that is appealing - and it's something I have not seen.

    It's clear that my pure strength focus isn't giving me the results I am looking for.  

    not sure what my potential should be at this age - but my family lives to 100 so it's not a normal almost 50 scenario,  And my doctor threatened to beat me up if I even thought about retiring from the game because of the health benefits...

    So my question - will this program work for me and why?  


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    Alan Stanley

    I would like to know this answer as well. I am 48 years old. I 6'2, 215 (down from 270). I want to dunk again before I am 50. I can touch (sometimes grab) the rim jumping off two feet. I first dunked a basketball on a 10ft rim at 15. I was able to dunk until about age 30. I stopped exercising and gained weight until my mid 40's. I have been exercising consistently now for about 2 years. I would like to know if this program will work for someone my age. 

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    Cayomayo 8

    El manuel o el libro no me a llegado digital. Ayer hice el pago y no aparece nada

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