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    I was wondering the same thing as Brian

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    Jacob Hiller

    Hi guys...


    So... I've made some recent updates to the affiliate sections but have some bigger plans...


    What would you prefer?


    1. Informational videos (like youtube) that you I can setup for you to have a link in that people click to hop to the pitch page.

    2. My sales video (the one on only so you can embed it and it has a hoplink on the screen?


    If you want youtube videos... check out

    THEN - Tell me which video you want (paste the URL here)...


    Then I will get those re-brandable for you and place them in the affiliate section.

    How does that sound?

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    I'd prefer informational videos, like the one of the video on youtube. I think it'll help presell the visitors

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    Tony here's the vid that I like

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    Jacob Hiller

    This one is for you Tony... I'll be updating the affiliate section soon, but I wanted to get you access ASAP. Let me know how you like this new feature and if there is any more you want.

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    Also Brian if you have some you want to request please do so.

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    hello Jacob,

    My name is larry, and i am an affiliate of your product.

    Please i would like two things from you.

    1. Video Testimonials like the guy from ghana, but i would like unique content only for my site.

    2. Articles for article marketing and link building


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