Thank you for your helo, one question, is there anyway the  program can be in pdf or something else so i cam rake with me to the gym to wrk out?  No way im going to memorized all the steps i have to do. Please and thank you that would help out even mor



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    Jacob Hiller

    Have you tried to print out he program?  The eBook is printable.

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    Sean Murray

    I know that this probably wont happen, but it would be unreal if you made a app for the iphone/itouch/ipad so we could transfer it to our phone/i pod and then look at it there at the gym. It also might be able to get alot of attention in the store, and become super popular. Anyways just thought I would mention it!

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    Isaac alonso

    Dear Jacob

    My name is Isaac I live in China at the current time, i am turning 17 on the 31st of may, is there anyway i could talk to you privately this is my email please send an email if its ok with you, ive been reading few workout and all that to increase my vertical but i think perhaps they don't stand close yours.

    itd be really nice if we could talk through my email as i don't feel at ease sharing some of the information i want to share with you via this forum thx in advance.

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    Isaac..  come to support and I can help you with this..


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