Rim jumps demo



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    Jaber Mohamed

    this video is not working

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    nicholas ruibal

    this video doesn't work!

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    Been doing those wrong too turns out. I used to stop after every 2 jumps. I used to reach up w/ 1 hand or 2 hands, jump up and then as soon as I hit the ground explode up for one final jump, then stop, counting that as 1 rep.

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    Mitchell White

    Hi Jacob i noticed on your rim jumps you're hardly bending your knees at all. When i do mine i've been focusing on minimising ground contact also, but i do my rim jumps at maximum capacity each jump, so i'm kinda squatting down momentarily and "winding up" for the next jump. Is this wrong? Should i instead be focusing on simply doing almost a toe jump like you're doing?

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    Jacob Hiller

    Focus on less ground contact time, and second on height.

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