Eating 1500g carbohydrates a day????



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    Please open a ticket about this on the support desk.

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    Anthony Harley

    isnt that a lot

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    James Orlando

    I also had this question as I am committed to being able to dunk, but know that I have to lose a significant amount of body weight (25 lbs) while doing the weight training to get close.  What does the Jump Manual recommend for this? 

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    Todd Hakanson

    Yes, that's a lot of carbs. If you use the standard 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate, you're already up to 4500 calories a day just from the carbs. Add to that about 200 g of protein (1g per lb of body weight) at 800 calories, and you're up to 5300 calories per day without eating any fat. This doesn't add up.

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